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My husband bought me a beautiful diamond bracelet from the diamond store for Christmas 2015. He was organised and bought it a few weeks before, gave it to me on Xmas day. I noticed straight away that the clasp was faulty and it couldn't be shut. So I could not wear it. We emailed the company on the day and they were closed for almost a week. <br /> When they returned in the new year were told it would be 'repaired' so we sent it off immediately. They had it for a considerable length of time and sent it back to us just as the 28 day 'returns' period was up. <br /> <br /> The repaired bracelet fell off my wrist the first time I ever wore it. We contacted them and explained as it is the 2nd time something has happened we would like our £235 back, as the bracelet is unfit for purpose, and we were not happy with the goods. They said no as it was out of the returns period. The reason it was out of the returns period was because of their extended Xmas break and the length of time they were 'repairing' it. After returning it once again they said they would 'repair' it for us again or allow us to exchange for something else. T the 'customer advisor' advised me to get a more robust bracelet and implied it was too nice a bracelet for me to wear and to exchange for something more hard wearing as I had 'pulled it off.' <br /> <br /> As a last resort we offered a comprimise for an exchange for a necklace costing half of the price and a refund for the remaining £96 but we were even refused this. <br /> <br /> We are not happy with this situation and are getting legal advise. I'm sure the company do not give a stuff as they are experienced in dealing with disappointed customers and are rude people. I simply do not know how he or any of his employees can sleep at night. Awful company taking genuine people's hard earned money, with obvious pride.
Everytime I walk into one of their stores, I like that I'm always finding something new. The quality varies somewhat, and the pricing is usually a little on the high side. But the style is what does it for me, and brings me back time and time again.
Wasn't sure what to expect with this place when I first found it... but was surprised to find nice people offering their help and support. The heart that went into some people's replies was just amazing and helped lift me up at a time where I just needed a single voice to hear me.<br /> <br /> A really nice place I found..... hope others give it a try too (and not be put off by all the haters on this review site..).
I ordered an account review over the weekend to determine whether my iPhone SE could even be unlocked. I didn't expect to hear anything back for a couple of days into the week, but Zisis with UnlockSpector got back to me with an initial review within minutes of office hours starting on Monday. Zisis politely asked for additional time to search for an unlock option, likely because I had only just bought the phone and activated service.<br /> <br /> Then, first thing Tuesday morning, Zisis came through with a guaranteed unlocking service. Now, I know UnlockSpector promises on their website that they can find a match in almost any circumstances, but I'll admit I was surprised not only that they found a match for me, but that they did it so quickly. Of course, the first thing I did was check the site they sent me to against a list of known scammers, and I was not surprised at all to learn they had sent me to a reputable place.<br /> <br /> Ultimately, I chose not to unlock the phone. I realized that if I paid the cost of my SE plus the unlock service, it would actually end up being a few bucks more expensive than if I simply returned the SE to the carrier who sold it to me and bought a pre-unlocked 6s to use with my existing carrier. If it hadn't been for that, though, I'd have jumped at the chance to unlock the SE.<br /> <br /> The end result: UnlockSpector came through even when I expected them to find nothing available for me. I will absolutely recommend them to anyone who will listen, and I've bookmarked the site to give them my business again in the future if I ever need another phone unlocked.<br /> <br /> Great service, great price. Highly recommended!
The product looks great, Customer Service followed-up with me after I ordered online, however they only had 2 units in stock. My order is on hold until they get more units in.
I place an order over a month ago and I have not received it??? where is my order and who do I talk to. Order #Order Number: L1603301312022522Status: Order time: Mar 30,2016 13:12:02 PM

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