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Recommend this site to everyone. Super cheap prices, fast deliveries, sellers respond to questions, customer service is superb. My shopping experience so far has been great! Orders usually arrived fast.
I usually don't leave bad reviews about much of anything. But this has been such a ridiculously frustrating experience, and there is absolutely no reason for it. I want to save everyone a lot of trouble. Something is off about this company. It could be incompetence, it could be fraudulent. I'm not sure. But there are 100 other options for you to get the products they claim to sell.

Long story short:

I paid and they never delivered. That's called theft. I had to shut down my card and submit a dispute claim. Lot of trouble for such a simple transaction.

Long story:

I tried to by a copy of Windows 10 from Simple enough. I create an account, provide my contact info, and input payment information. In a normal transaction, you expect to receive an email within a few hours with the software registration key. Its supposed to be that simple.

Instead, I only received a few perfunctory emails regarding proof of purchase and account creation. The registration key never came.

Then I tried to contact them. Oh boy.

By phone - you get a phone message stating basically to hold tight. During business hours, you'll get through to an endless ringing that never reaches anyone on the other end.

By email - I attempted to email them probably 15-20 times. They called me back after I sent an email. In fact, they called me several times. But it was from a foreign country. And it was past midnight on a weeknight. To me, that screams fraud. And besides, most of us are asleep at that time. Weird that a US-based company would not at least be aware of the consumer market time zones.

I did try to contact them again (during regular hours!). But I cannot get through to anyone. From a customer's perspective, all those attempts were more than generous of me. They want my money. The burden is on them to make good.

Seven days after money was taken from my account, the registration key never arrived. I can only come to one conclusion. There is some funny business afoot at this "company." If you read through the reviews, you'll see people getting the wrong product, or weird registration keys that aren't the full version. All kinds of random scenarios that lead me to believe this company should probably be investigated by the FTC.

I did what a any consumer should do in this situation - Shut down my card, and submitted a dispute claim to my bank.

DON'T LET THE SAME THING HAPPEN TO YOU! Save yourself the trouble, and rely on other merchants. There are many, many better options.
Я заказала два платья, все пришло в течении трех недель, была возможность следить за поставкой и когда пришло уведомление я с нетерпением помчалась на почту! Одно платье на свадьбу к сестре а второе просто на каждый день, все как и на вебсайте, товар пришел отличный и качество и размер все как в описании! Я безмерно рада что сделала покупку на этом вебсайте, буду покупать еще и всем советую!
Je suis tellement heureuse de que j'ai trouvé cette marque hier,Parce-que non seulement il y a des robes fabuleuses de excellente qualité là-bas, mais surtout, le service parfait! Il est recommandée à 100%! Merci!
Super workout that always manages to be fun and challenging at the same time! The location is easy to get to and the gym is always clean (which is a very nice change compared to some gyms). The most notable thing about this gym is the staff; they're helpful, enthusiastic, positive, caring, fun and keep you wanting to come back and succeed. It does make a difference if you feel like you're part of a tribe!
Sooo glad I joined!! This place will kick your butt but in a good way. You will want to quit but everyone's vibes will keep you going..Never though I would want to workout on my free time but i love it!!

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